Nandi Solórzano O’Brien

B.A in Global Studies
Metropolitan State University

A.S Communications 
Universidad de San Carlos De Guatemala

Graduate Level Coursework in Education 
Saint Mary’s University

10 Years’ Experience in Immersion Education

I understand that the impact of early learning goes beyond the future academic success of a child. The foundation of their emotional, social and physical development is built during their first years and will contribute to the continued development of these skills throughout their lifetime.

I believe that childhood is the best time to gain an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and perspectives in the world. I aim to extend the educational experience to the development of true connections inside and outside of the classroom.
I bring a bilingual bi-cultural perspective and am committed to continue to encourage the celebration of diversity and cultural competence in our community.

My enthusiasm and passion for Immersion Education comes from experiencing the benefits first hand as a student of immersion schools. Bilingualism has been a huge asset in my life and I am excited to help others access a quality program that will focus on social emotional learning, academic achievement and language acquisition.

I have worked in education for over 10 years, most of which in immersion programs. I have a degree in Journalism and Communications from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and Bachelors in Global Studies from Metropolitan State University.